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Our Team

Headed by Millennials and backed by over 50 years of business experience across commercial real estate investment and other industries, our team was designed to provide a wide range of perspectives and areas of expertise.


Vance Gragg




Vance Gragg is co-founder and principal of Gragg Cardona Partners LLC, an investor and developer of workforce housing in the Greater Washington, DC area.  His professional activities share a common theme – bettering the community.


He served as a Professor at Florida A&M University for 14 years. As a business attorney and consultant, he has been a key player in numerous domestic and international business start-ups, real estate projects, economic development initiatives, and community revitalization plans. Gragg Cardona Partners is responsible for the creation of over 1,100 rental units and 71,500 sf of commercial space. Many of these residential spaces are the result of partnerships with local governments and or agencies wanting to re-energize neighborhoods, stimulate economic development and empower residents.

Gragg’s work has won the support of institutional investors, and national/local lenders. They have significant experience partnering with local governments, negotiating win-win outcomes with community stakeholders, layering financial resources and crafting localized land disposition agreements, and developing high quality places for people to live, work, and play. Projects of note are the Ellington Apartments, The Highland Park Apartments at the Columbia Heights Metro and the St. Elizabeth’s East Redevelopment.

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