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Our Team

Headed by Millennials and backed by over 50 years of business experience across commercial real estate investment and other industries, our team was designed to provide a wide range of perspectives and areas of expertise.


Jessica Balsam




Born and raised in Central Maryland, Jessica leads the acquisitions team at FTF. She is accountable for the expansion of the company’s investment portfolio in select markets through the entire process including asset identification, underwriting, and repositioning, and asset management. 

Jessica began her commercial real estate career at a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm, where she represented investors in the acquisition and disposition of investment properties throughout the Washington, DC Metro.

Jessica brings deep technical and analytical skills to the team, having worked in biomedical research prior to her career in commercial real estate. In addition, her experience as a collegiate athlete, fostered a competitive spirit that she now brings to the business world.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology & Physiology from the University of Maryland, College Park and a Master of Arts from Towson University. Jessica has also held a real estate license in Maryland since 2016 and Washington, DC since 2018.

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