Construction work planning


Our team develops, implements, and finances sustainable projects that recapture and reinvest otherwise lost resources.

FTF and ThinkBox Group work in tandem to identify, develop, implement and finance sustainable projects that fix critical aging equipment in buildings, generate renewable power, upgrade operations, technology, lower climate emissions, and reinvest in local communities.

For over 25 years our comprehensive, full-service, white glove approach has served various client profiles including federal, state and local government, housing authorities, school systems, public and private universities, real estate developers, and individual investors by providing:
  • Unconventional capital resources
  • Expertise regarding corporate/regulatory energy mandates
  • ESG compliance consulting
  • Project design
  • Project management
  • Cost savings
  • Resident/community engagement
White Glove Snip.JPG
We work with several investors, which are selected depending on the final scope of work and client preferences for funding structure, including but not limited to multibillion dollar infrastructure funds, private equity funds, etc.