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About Us

FTF is a minority and woman-owned private investment firm founded to empower and serve the next generation of wealth.

FTF is a private equity firm focused on real estate and other niche alternative investment opportunities. 

Founded in 2019 by Tarik A. Floyd, FTF Investments was born to address a growing frustration expressed by many of our high-net-worth clients and friends – finding a trusted and relatable investment partner that they could grow with over time. The options available to them from existing firms often felt foreign and alienating, as the life experiences, and investment interests and practices of their investor demographic differed greatly from the historically more conventional high-net-worth segment focused on by most firms.
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FTF is the firm for the next generation of wealth - headed by managers of that demographic, tailored to their preferences - not only focusing on superior returns, but also on delivering an efficient, intimate and accessible client experience.
FTF offers commingled funds and a separate accounts program that allow for a diversified portfolio across real estate investments and other niche alternative placements. 
FTF is headquartered in Washington, DC with offices in Baltimore, MD and Dallas, TX.
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Tarik A. Floyd

Principal & CEO

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